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Our Law Firm has a close cooperation with the outstanding tax expert HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd. Combining our legal, tax and accounting expertise, we are at our Clients’ service in high-level and complex problems as well.

Preliminary tax audits, and due diligence procedures. Analysation and mitigation of potential risks related to taxation.
In the course of our audit activity, we simulate the controlling method of the tax authority and examine the tax law aspects of the determining events with regards to several tax types and tax years. By discovering the danger-points, tax penalties can be avoided and other risks can be minimized.
Special services to make sure VAT reclaims are realised
Submission of VAT refunds draws the attention of the tax authorities, often in the form of a VAT audit. Our office undertakes to efficiently assist the realisation of the amount to be reimbursed within the deadline, which includes, in addition to full representation in the audit, the screening of documents before the audit.
VRM services
We provide a quick, credible, written professional opinion beforehand for IC tax-exempt and export sales, or in the case of domestic purchases. We also provide the related taxation follow-ups in order to eliminate VAT risks.
VAT refund procedures
Our colleagues’ outstanding experience allows us to provide a full range of services and to represent our customers in international proceedings that have been initiated in connection with the VAT refund of sales tax transferred to them abroad.
Processes of advance tax ruling, requests of tax information
In the case of complicated tax situations, we provide the highest level of tax safety to our customers, avoiding or minimizing any tax risks, while working in close cooperation with the tax authority and the Ministry of Finance.
Transfer pricing documentation
The establishment of the settlement price between affiliated companies, also the document related to the settlement price and the content of the document have become the focal point of the authority over the last few years. Through our advisors’ outstanding professional experience, we provide our customers with confident and relevant support for the preparation of transfer pricing documentation, its revision, and general advisory services on the application of arms-length prices.
International tax planning
Rapid globalization creates a challenging tax environment. Complex global operational and supply chain models that can provide companies with a competitive edge, further increase the challenges of international taxation. In addition, tax authorities worldwide seek to extend their control over international structures and cross-border transactions. Taking these into account, we provide international tax optimisation strategies and advisory services in relation to international taxation, transfer pricing, global restructuring and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
Management of payment relief proceedings, preparation and conclusion of agreements related to liquidation proceedings
Our office undertakes to assist in the reduction or release of the amount of tax and sanctions in arrears. Our experts also provide support in achieving instalment payment and payment deferrals.
Felszámolási eljárásokhoz kapcsolódó megállapodások
A NAV által kezdeményezett felszámolási eljárások megindulása elkerülhető, amennyiben az adós és az adóhatóság megállapodást tud kötni a hátralék egy részének megfizetését illetően. Szakértőink nagy tapasztalattal rendelkeznek az e jogintézményben rejlő lehetőségek kiaknázásában és teljes körű támogatást nyújtanak ügyfeleinknek a fizetési ajánlat összeállításától egészen a fizetési megállapodás megkötéséig.
Representation, participation in audit procedures, litigation
In our experience, by joining the early stages of the audit, we can significantly reduce the time spent by our clients in reaching a favourable tax authority decision. Our goal is for the companies we represent to have as little stress as possible related to auditing procedures and for them to be able to concentrate on their business activities. The lawyer involved in the legal activity of the tax authority cooperating with the HÍD Tax Expert is involved from the beginning of the tax administration procedure, in the review, and dispute management. By doing this, we guarantee that our clients are able to arrive at a potential judicial proceeding considering trial tactical viewpoints, thus creating the basis for success.
Asset management counselling
We provide tax law and legal counselling both for our private and corporate customers in
intergenerational transfer of wealth and asset management. Once we’ve assessed our customer’s goals and claims, our colleagues provide tax law and legal counselling, including the complex development of personalized structures.
M&A consultancy
We provide complex taxation and legal support during acquisitions, exits, transformations, restructuring, share exchange, business transfers and asset transfers. As representative of investors of the acquisition, we collect the target company’s risk factors.

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