Our Law Firm, together with the lawyers and other experts who work with us, pays special attention to representing the interests of our clients at the highest possible standard in matters concerning the areas of law we target.

We aim to examine the given cases in a complex way, by applying several aspects of the branches of law, thus facilitating the effective and final settlement of the cases we handle.

Thanks to our extensive and knowledge-based operations, as well as our continuous team work and workshop activities, we have considerable and effective experience in representing and resolving complex and complicated matters. Regarding cases of tax law and matters concerning other branches of law, we continuously monitor and analyze the experience gained from the relevant domestic official and judicial practice, as well as the ever growing number of decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union that affect Hungarian legal practice.

Corporate Law and Company Law
Our Law Firm effectively assists its clients in the entire field of corporate law, starting with selecting the most appropriate company form, and continuing with the provision of full-scope legal services related to the establishment of various companies, the making of amendments to reflect changes and, if necessary, termination of companies. Accurate knowledge of corporate law and company law is closely related to legal due diligence, company acquisitions, and corporate transformations, in which areas the staff of our Office disposes of high level and effective practical experience.
Construction Law
We can provide effective assistance to our clients with issues in the areas of construction law in a broader sense. Within this framework we deal with, among other things, the acquisition of building permits, land division, land neighborhood issues, and the legal enforcement of construction claims for damages. Our attorneys have experience in land registry proceedings, and our activities also include representation in appeals proceedings related to the review of construction law decisions.
Financial Law
Thorough knowledge of the legal risks associated with financial market transactions is essential for the development of an appropriate corporate strategy and, as a private individual, for decision-making in the event of a long-term financial commitment. Our lawyers specializing in financial law ensure that the right decisions are made with comprehensive legal advice provided. We have a significant professional background in the full legal support of companies providing financial services in the banking sector, we undertake the tasks arising from the establishment and merger of financial companies, and we carry out the licensing procedures necessary for continuous operation as well.
IT Services’ Law
The legal framework of increasingly dynamic IT services also clearly requires the application of complex legal solutions. Our Law Firm – also through its legal predecessor – has been providing legal representation for several major companies operating in the IT market for decades. In connection with this representation activity, our office has, of course, gained considerable knowledge and experience in resolving the tasks requiring such complex legal approach.
Public Procurement Law
On the part of both contracting authorities and tenderers, our staff specializing in public procurement law provides legal advice in all activities related to the public procurement process. Our public procurement expert activities include full-scale consulting and representation on the tenderer side, while on the contracting authority side, we ensure the complex conduct of public procurement procedures in all procedures and areas of expertise.
Company Acquisitions
Our activity covers the full range of M&A transactions. In the course of the transactions, our associates perform the legal due diligence of the target company, explore the legal risks of the operation, participate in the preparation of the transactions, provide legal advice during the conclusion of the contract, and finally they prepare the necessary transfer, option or syndicate contracts and supervise the closing process, with the interests and needs of our customers in mind at all times.
Intellectual Property Rights
We provide advice on all matters concerning intellectual property, such as copyright, trademarks, patents, design, know-how protection, applications and oppositions. We represent our clients in courts, with our advice we contribute to the resolution of disputes.
Labour Law
We also provide full labour law representation and advice from both the management’s and employers’ side. Among other things, we are available regarding the preparation of documents during the establishment of an employment relationship, the legal remedy of everyday problems arising during the employment relationship, the provision of legal advice and the drafting of documents required for the lawful termination of employment, and the legal representation of our clients in litigation, as required.
Inheritance Law
Our office provides a full range of advisory and legal services in the field of inheritance law, including the settlement of the line of assets belonging to a future estate, the preparation of a will or even an inheritance contract. Our activity also covers trust management solutions, of course with the complex services that come with them, primarily concerning tax law. In addition, we provide representation in probate proceedings, as well as in inheritance disputes that may have already arisen, and also in proceedings related to the registration of the inherited part of business shares and the change of company ownership at the court of registration.
Financial and consolidation Construction Law
Our activity encompasses the full range of legal treatment of consolidation and financing matters between companies. Our associates, with the involvement of external professional experts, provide professional advice needed to settle liabilities and receivables, to eliminate potential risks, and to effectively resolve any problems that arise. Our office promotes the compliance of our clients with the legal requirements and supports the successful execution of the planned restructuring and refinancing transactions with the assistance of the above mentioned external professional experts.
Commercial Law
In addition to transfer of ownership agreements, lease contracts, business contracts and agency agreements, franchise agreements, research and development agreements, supply contracts, the preparation and drafting of any business contract, as well as related comprehensive legal advice and opining, are provided by our colleagues highly experienced in commercial law.
Settlement of Legal Disputes
We absolutely strive to provide efficient, professional solutions serving the best interests of our clients, within a reasonable time and, with this in mind, we represent our clients in their civil and commercial legal disputes in the course of negotiations between the parties or, in the absence of an agreement, in contentious and non-contentious procedures before ordinary courts and arbitration proceedings. Our work covers as well appeal, review and constitutional court proceedings, and we have represented our Clients before the Court of Justice of the European Union on several occasions.
Real Estate Law
Be it the construction of condominiums and industrial properties, the sale and purchase of agricultural and forestry land, or the sale and purchase of real property, real estate market participants may face a number of issues that require complex, specialized legal solutions in addition to simple sales transactions. Our real estate experts are available to our clients regarding any related legal issues.
International Private Law
With Hungary’s accession to the European Union, double, possibly vertical, regulations have emerged in many areas of everyday life. In many cases, proper knowledge of European Union legislation and the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union is essential for taking appropriate legal action and decisions. Be it commercial, tax or investment law issues, our office staff provides our clients with the right professional advice and representation.
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