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About us

Hajdu and Németh Law Firm

Hajdu and Németh Law Firm is managed by Dr. György Hajdu and partner lawyer Dr. Viktória Németh in cooperation with Szerencsés and Partner Law Firm as well as HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd. HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd is an outstanding tax expert consulting company, therefore, combining our legal, tax and accounting expertise, we are at our Clients’ service in high-level and complex problems.

Our Law Firm, continuing the classic judicial and lawyer values, offers legal service to its customers in the highest level of quality. Our principles are precise work, human and professional fairness, discretion, and offering exacting and high-level quality legal services.

According to our experiences, specialisation into branches of law and complex knowledge is required for high-quality service because of the increased difficulty in handling and realising economic and legal cases.


At Hajdu and Németh Law Firm, our goal is to provide holistic legal consultancy and legal service in all legal and taxation questions. To fulfil this objective, we are in cooperation as an Association of Attorneys at Law with Szerencsés and Partner Law Firm, we also work closely with the experts of HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd.
The fields of expertise of our partner Szerencsés and Partner Law Firm are dispute settlements, construction law, law of inheritance, family law and procurement law. Dr. Angela Szerencsés, the founder of Szerencsés and Partner Law Firm, has decades-long experience on both the judicial and the attorney sides. Hajdu and Németh Law Firm is in cooperation with HÍD Tax Advisory and Financial Consulting Co. Ltd., whose colleagues have more than 20 years of tax expertise from their previous professional experiences as high-level managers at official authorities. As a result, we offer exceptionally complex knowledge. Through this cooperation with HÍD Tax Advisory, our Law Firm reliably advises our customers in exploiting potential in taxation systems.



„It is reassuring for our consortium that the law firm and its partners provide us highly qualified professionals who are able to elaborate the legal solutions regarding our transactions quickly and accurately to solve our arisen problems. Knowing this I believe that they will contribute to our consortium’s further successes through their excellent professional work and complex solutions focused attitude…”   

Balázs Bokorovics,
chairman of the board of Pannergy Geothermal Power Plants Co. Ltd.

“Reliability, high standards, discretion, prominent professional work. I extremely aspire to these values when managing the operation of the companies and consortiums. I demand these values from the experts as well cooperating with me. According to my experiences these values dominate the activity of the law firm…”

Miklós Gál,
chairman of the board of Takarékinfo Co. Ltd.

„There are professional and moral values that are very important for Finta and Partners Architect Studio Ltd., and all our colleagues endeavor to follow them. We believe that accuracy, comprehensive professional precision and exceptional knowledge need to meet with fairness, liberality and sense of style. We have experienced these values to be reflected in the work of the law firm’s, beyond that they do their work with engineering accuracy…”


György Guczogi and Gábor Mezei,
co-partners of Finta and Partners Architect Studio Ltd.

„My colleagues and I have had working relationship with the law firm’s employees for more than 20 years. These years we have worked together in several cases from different areas of law. Their work have always been characterized by fairness, professional competence, discretion and exceptional cooperation intention. Therefore, I recommend them to my Partners and acquaintances, and always get positive feedback from them…”

Béla Hetzmann,
managing director of CSABAcast Könnyűfémöntöde Ltd., Chairman of the board of Rába Co. Ltd.

“Adequacy to the changes coming with the development of the IT world is necessary in any industry. The demand for cross-border electronic service-provided software solutions that are coming from the connection of financial operations and IT sector also require up-to-date legal support. The experts of the law firm - who also have outstanding expertise in intellectual property law -, have been providing us this domestic and international service in the highest professional level for more than 17 years. Moreover, through their work in other areas of law I have absolutely positive opinion about them, both personally and professionally…”

Róbert Kő,
CEO of Dorsum Software Development and Service Ltd.

“I asked for a professional advisory regarding a private matter first from the employees of the law firm few years ago. This was followed by our cooperation related to the difficult legal cases of Schiller company group’s biggest investment. I hope the mutual brainstorming in our relationship will be extremely successful for the company group I manage. Based on the reliability, flexibility and extraordinary professional knowledge I count on their work in the long term and I recommend them to my partners…”

Gábor Schiller,
owner of Schiller company group

„We have been working together with the team for years, who are trustworthy, flexible and prepared. They have been supporting us exquisitely in economic law, company law and in other legal cases. We keep on reaching our goals with their support…”


János László Somogyvári and Péter Boros,
Owner of KÖMI Engineering Office Ltd.
President of Kömi Engineering Office Ltd., Secretary general of National Federation of Managers

„The professional team of the law firm have been providing high quality and conscientious legal services for our company. Our company’s main profiles are domestic and international transfer, international transit, warehouse logistics, and professional counseling related to these services, that gained us awareness and reputation in the country.

Fast contracting procedures are typical in this industry that require all relevant details covered regulations, precise terms and conditions, also strict and continuously updated internal procedure protocols. The colleagues of the law firm not only provide us comprehensive legal help in creating these documents but provide us efficient representation in connection with our development plans and in legal disputes might arise…”

Gabriella Szécsi,
managing director of BI-KA Logistics Ltd.

„I have always endeavored to be one of the best professionals in my work. This means high expectations not only to myself but to the experts working with me. I have been working together with the employees of the law firm for more than 18 years in financial law, in contentious proceedings in other legal cases. I require high working capacity, extraordinary professional knowledge, flexibility, reliability and discretion from them, and according to my experiences all employees of the law firm suit these values…”

József Vida,
president and CEO of Takarékbank Co. Ltd.

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